Real estate drones s one of the latest trends, which puts drone capabilities to their best fruition! The real estate market and its tremendous value are leveraging more and more drones to capture still images, videos, property mappings and 360 degrees panoramas.

drones for real estate

Residential homes, apartment blocks, mansions, commercial properties or vacant lands are just some of the many possibilities for agents and privates to use drones with their cameras to shoot astonishing aerial images from the sky. A picture can be a deal breaker for real estate, and image quality is essential in this market. Any altitude, from a few to a hundred feet, can provide great angles for shooting properties from all sides.

drones for real estate advertising

The property marketing advantage is the most obvious for this category. Drones unlock benefits that are otherwise impossible to obtain without such technology. Among many others, let’s mention two of them: storytelling and trustworthiness.

Real estate drones and storytelling

Imagine combining shots taken from the ground with panoramic, vertical or angled images of your properties. Maybe with different lighting at different times of the day. This approach can highlight a property value and give a potential buyer the “feeling” of how it would mean to live or work there. Drones are a tool that real estate agents and owners should consider when marketing their properties, and this is why many pilots are becoming more and more specialized in this sector.


Describing a property and letting the buyer understand its perks is fundamental to closing a deal. If instead of giving a description, you can let people see your property location and surrounding, you can immediately provide a clearer picture, showing the neighbourhood and potential areas of interest around your property. There is no lie when you show it with a drone!

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