Drones for weddings and events can make your special day’s memories amazing. Weddings are the most important day in the life of many people, and it’s no secret that everything needs to be as perfect as it can be. From flowers to food, locations and attendants…everything is studied and organized in the smallest details. And photographers! Countless hours are spent on deciding which photographer to engage, looking at the portfolio and maybe event trying some shots before hiring. But, it can become too standard today, and if you want to have something special you need to think bigger.

Drones are the answer to the questions that some pose to themselves “how can my wedding photobook be different and unique”? In Droniex you will find a category dedicated to drone pilots that engage with customers in providing services for wedding, either for photography, videography or, of course, both. Click here to be redirected and find out who is the closest pilot near you offering this type of service.


Your favorite place that was carefully choose for your wedding, from a drone perspective will become majestic! Everything acquires a different taste when shot from above, and doesn’t matter how good your photographer is, certainly flying is not his or her specialty. An outdoor wedding would absolutely maximize the potential of a drone engaged to shoot your perfect day. Verticals, panning views, panoramas, the limit is your imagination. There are many examples of drone wedding photography that can be used for inspiration: mountains, vineyards, beaches or lakes…the surrounding is never an obstacle for a drone and the multitude of viewpoints, altitudes and camera movements can change the flavor of every shot. Hiring a drone pilot photographer for your wedding is the way to go for placing the bride and groom at the center of the most artistic and amazing pictures you can imagine. 


We can agree that maybe is asking to much to let the drone fly inside the church, but from the moment the newly married couple exits the church, a drone pilot can catch every moment, with the less possible intrusion to the participants. A flying camera adds the cinematic element to an already memorable day, making it even more unforgettable. Staying out of the way, allowing people to move naturally, it will make sure that every shot is unnoticed and the moments captured are real, increasing dramatically the true feelings of the event. Just image how difficult is sometimes to gather people for group photos. From above, they just have to look up!

Attention points

Unfortunately drones produce still some noise and for some locations and venues this is not admissible. It’s important to clarify with your pilot what is the flight plan, which are the moments when to allow it and how to do it in the less intrusive way possible. Some flexibility is also required with respect to the weather conditions, since a drone will not fly in the rain and your plans might have to be revisited.

It is also fundamental that the regulations impose by the property owner are in line with the expectations, since even if minimal, the risk of damage is there. So make sure that your pilot knows what is doing and plans the day accordingly to the rules.

Drone services for parties and events

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