We finally launched Droniex! We are here for you, whether you are a pilot offering a job or a user looking for a drone service. Our marketplace is just born, and as for every new beginning, it requires the support of others to become the platform it wants to be. Learn here how it works.

If you are a pilot, you want to be here:

  • to have internet presence in your area, or even worldwide if you wish
  • to show who you are, and what you can do with your drone
  • to grow your business, and expand your potential

If you are a user, you want to subscribe:

  • to easily find the drone job you are looking for
  • to access a listing of different drone services, and compare them to get the best deal for you
  • to have for the first time, an easy an intuitive platform that serves your need

For all this, we need you! We need you to subscribe and let Droniex evolve to exploit it at its best.

At this stage, to let this happen, we apply no commission, there are no fees and we don’t receive a penny. We just want to make it grow and let you pilots, take all the profits.

We hope to see you soon on board, and welcome to Droniex! – The Droniex team.

Droniex quickly explained – user or pilot?

Search function for drone jobs and services

User: Among nine categories, look for the drone job you need…and the nearest to you
Pilot: List your drone job, describe the details and deliverables to boost your chances

Engage with expert pilots and customers

User: Easily chat with pilots via direct messaging and book the job or service you need
Pilot: Communicate with the user and get the perfect picture of what he/she needs

Make sure your voice is heard – leave a review

User: Help other customers and let them know what you think about the pilot’s delivery
Pilot: Share your experience with other pilots about the interaction with your customers


For service seekers

Are the pilots certified?

In the process of subscription to this website we ask to everyone listing his service whether or not he owns a certification for the specific service. You can ask directly and verify once you meet, about the compliance to the regional law.

How can I be sure that I don’t waste my money?

At the moment Droniex doesn’t charge no one, so no worries! The payment is directly agreed with the pilot and we suggest that it’s done upon delivery. In the future, all will be managed through the platform, with 100% money back guaranteed if something goes wrong.

Can I find something around me?

At the moment it might be difficult to have many locations available, but with your help we will expand our platform and increase the number of pilots listing their services.

How much does it cost?

The registration to this website is completely free. The cost of the service/drone job is fully determined by the pilot providing it.

For drone pilots

Why should I register here?

With Droniex we want to help connecting customers and suppliers. We believe that with this platform, we create the perfect conditions for pilots to reach out to more customers and extend their reach.

What is the cost for listing my services?

Let’s repeat that for now there is no cost for pilots either. No for registration, and no commissions.  Once we’ll build the platform and we verify that you like it, we’ll apply a small commission to maintain the website alive. However, we’ll give to the first 50 pilots that subscribe, a free pass for life on Droniex.

How do I get paid?

For now, the payment is agreed with the customer. Once the service is provided, it can be dealt with directly on the spot or electronically. As you prefer! Again, this is temporarily set up this way, it will eventually go through the platform.

Do I need specific certifications?

Yes, we are asking to the pilots to be compliant with the regional law. However we don’t ask to update any document, these can be checked and verified by the customers directly.

Few disclaimers, to make it crystal clear…

  • Droniex does not verify the pilots’ data, and leave to the honesty of the website users, to provide truthful details.
  • Droniex is not liable for any damage to properties, persons or misuse of drones from their owners.
  • (This is not applicable at the moment). Droniex provides a service in connecting users to drone pilots. In return, it takes a small commission of the price established by the pilots.
  • Droniex will not tolerate and immediately remove any listing that instigates racism, violence, animal abuse, discrimination or any other abuse.
  • Droniex will not tolerate and immediately remove any listing that inspires unlawful usage of drones.

Now, Droniex

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