UAS drone pilot in Dallas

UAS drone pilot in Dallas
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Hire a drone pilot in Dallas. Developed and sustained a high level of competence in piloting the Drone (UAS)
executing projects with minimum supervision. Piloted the drone on projects in away that adheres to the company’s policies on safety and privacy, while ensuring delivery of quality exceeds client expectations. Upholded the values and culture of the company while on projects and otherwise. Adhered to all operations processes on a timely basis and suggests improvements to the same. Organized and completed routine charter routes, as well as paths requested by customers. Performed accurate calculations of plane loads and fuel needs. Completed careful pre-flight checks and post-flight briefings to maintain safety standards.Hire a drone pilot in Dallas

Completed more than 100 flight hours in drone aircraft. Devoted special emphasis to punctuality and worked to maintain outstanding attendance record, consistently arriving to work ready to start immediately. Maintained excellent attendance record, consistently arriving to work on time. Resolved communication problems, improved operations and provided exceptional client support. Completed post-flight maintenance reports and work with crew chief for post-maintenance check flights. Set courses and monitored in-flight data, autopilot and weather conditions to maintain schedule and safety. Increased customer satisfaction by resolving issues. Created daily flight plans and communicated them with organization leaders. Edit and send photos for construction site measurements. Analyze weather forecasts to identify the best flying times.

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