UAS Pilot

UAS Pilot
Years of experience as drone pilot: 6
Delivery time edited videos and photos (day): 1
DJI Mavic Pro 2
DJI Mavic Pro
DJI Mavic mini

Hire a drone pilot in Fayetteville.

Flying has always been a passion of mine. Just seeing the world and everything from above is a whole different perspective than seeing it from the ground. The first time I flew in a plane, I found this out and new then what I wanted to do. I’ve been passionate about it since a very young age. My first r/c plane was around the age of 8, and I haven’t stopped enjoying the hobby since.

More about out drone pilot Jeremy:

I like the challenge and especially enjoy seeing different places from above. I got a go pro and mounted it to my planes, and that gave me the ability to view my flight video when finished. It was so cool to see, but it was hard to get the shots you wanted. That was until drones, drones changed my life, and I’m absolutely blessed to do what I do.
I truly enjoy sharing my passion and hope I can share my passion with you.Hire drone pilot in Fayetteville.
I have done many different aerial and ground photography services and am willing to do many different photography projects, but I specialize in progress report photography, residential insurance inspections, and commercial and residential real estate properties. The options are endless with drones. My Mavic Pros are extremely intelligent and provide flawless mapping abilities. Mapping makes things so easy that I can map your project, and you can make out any infrastructure blemishes with the highest definition and not harming properties without the use of damaging construction equipment and not harming agriculture.
Thanks for reading, and it’s greatly appreciated to work for clients as yourself. Please contact Aerial FX Photography for all your photography needs!

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