Search and rescue operations, notoriously carried out by professional personnel, have helped thousands of people worldwide, to be found or to find someone. Obviously is the right thing to do when the stakes are high, but there are many occasions where the emergency services don’t and should not be called. When the emergency level is not that high, private drones operators, not necessarily part of first aid teams, can provide a great deal of help.

search and rescue drones

Private SAR (Search and Rescue) operators are becoming more popular today, thanks to an easier access to drone technology. There are still a lot of reasons to call for such type of services, even if only for the “search” option. A common use case for these drones operations is, for instance, seeking run away animals, but of course not stopping here.

SAR drones provide a greater field of view (FOV) on the area under investigation, if compared to personnel on the ground, who might be interfered by vegetation or terrain. Wide FOV cameras or thermal units can increase even more the capability of a SAR drone, maximizing the chances of locating the target.

Here in Droniex we want to give a place to these pilots, and let them be able to provide services with machines equipped for this type of operations. It’s essential to have a variety of profiles that can cover different types of request, both on the drone equipment availability and location. When it comes to SAR, in fact, two factors are very important: time and capability for the particular terrain. In both cases, drones provide a clear advantage over manned operations, and private drones can increase the capillarity of aid options throughout the country. 

search and rescues drone operations

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